Accounts represent EOSIO accounts and are the main form of interacting with the Hydra blockchain environment. A contract template can be deployed on an account and used to send transactions and read table data.

Accounts are created using the createAccount method of the Blockchain object.


setContract(contract: Contract): void#

Sets contract and ABI of this account

getTableRowsScoped(tableName: string): Dictionary<TableRowStructure[]>#

Gets the table rows of the specified table, keyed by scopes

resetTables(...tableNames: string[]): void#

Deletes this account's table data.

  • The table names to delete can be passed as arguments.
  • If no arguments are passed, deletes all table data of this account.

loadFixtures(tableName?: string, fixtureScopeRowsMap?: Dictionary<TableRowStructure[]>): Promise<void>#

Loads initial contract data defined for the currently deployed contract.

  • If no arguments are defined it loads the data from the JSON fixture files.
  • If tableName and fixtureScopeRowsMap are defined it will only load the table data given by the fixtureScopeRowsMap argument.

updateAuth(permissionName: string, parentPermissionName: string, auth:TAuthority): Account#

Updates account's authorization.


accountName: string#

Account's on-chain name

contract: Contract#

Account's contract object